What is Procurify Lite?

Procurify Lite was a free purchase order tool, originally created as a way to provide value for smaller organizations.

What happened to Procurify Lite?

We were in the process of sunsetting Procurify Lite earlier this year, however due to technical difficulties we experienced in Feb 2020 we have decided to accelerate the plan to shut down the website.

Will Procurify Lite come back?

Procurify Lite has been shut down permanently and there are no plans of bringing it back.

What happened to my data?

Almost all data after Jan 2018 and before Feb 2020 has been lost and will not be recoverable due to the technical issues that occurred. If you have concerns about your account data, email support@procurify.com

I still need a tool to create purchase orders. What can I do?

Here are a few suggestions of free purchase order tools:

  • (Free) Spend Map - https://www.spendmap.com/
  • (Free) DBS Online Purchase Order software - https://www.dbsonline.com/purchase_orders.htm

  • You also have an option to check out more advanced and supported (paid) tools online:

  • Procurement Express - https://www.procurementexpress.com/
  • Procurify (request-to-purchase tool and with advanced spend management functionality), if interested please contact us for a demo - https://www.procurify.com/

  • Can I speak to someone at Procurify?

    If these changes have impacted you in any way and you would like to discuss further, please reach out to our support team at support@procurify.com for the next steps.